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Séminaire : Tony Breton Univ Angers "Surface functionalization via diazonium salt reduction:..."


"Surface functionalization via diazonium salt reduction: Controlling the layers for optimizing the properties"

Tony Breton
, Université d’Angers, 2 Boulevard Lavoisier 49045 Angers Cedex, France

Electrochemical reduction of aryldiazonium salts is a simple method for preparing 2D functional nanomaterials from conductive or semiconductor substrates. However, the radical nature of the grafting mechanism, induces a lack of control and leads, in most cases, to the polymerization of the entities of interest. The obtaining of organic films of variable thickness does not allow to design fine applications for which an advanced understanding of the structure / properties relationships is needed (sensors, nano-electronics ...).

In recent years, we have been developing a strategy to control the grafting kinetic at the substrate/solution interface. This procedure, involving the electrografting of a diazonium salt in the presence of a redox inhibitor, can be exploited to produce monolayer films on carbon substrates with very good reproducibility. The strategy can be extended to develop multipurpose reactive platforms in order to immobilize a wide range of functional molecules, and led, in this context, to the optimization of electrochemical properties and interfacial activity.

 Le 24 Octobre 2019, UFR 926, salle 101, 32-42, 1er étage de 14h à 15h30

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