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Institut des Matériaux de Paris Centre
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Hans-Jürgen Butt "Controlling soft matter to create function" séminaire

Séminaire "Controlling Soft Matter to create function"

Lundi 2 Juillet 2018 - 14h00 - Amphi Urbain

Hans-Jürgen Butt (Physics at Interfaces, Max Planck Institute For Polymer Research, Mainz)

In the last decades our knowledge about soft matter has grown enormously. This growth is correlated with the development of methods which allow studying materials with better and better time and spatial resolution. Often innovations in one field also help to progress in other fields. In our group such examples include the crystallization of soft matter in hard confinement, charge transport in Perovskite solar cells, controlling wetting by nanostructuring surfaces and towards studying tracer mobility in blood.


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