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Symposium Theory of Magnetic NP assemblies


Université P et M Curie, Sorbonne Universités, Laboratoire MONARIS
4, place Jussieu, Tours 44-34, 3rd floor, room 304

Date: 30 march 2017 (11h-18h)

Magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) may form a large variety of structures and states such as labyrinthine and hexagonal patterns, voids, columns, oriented cracks, super spins, spin glasses. These structures are widely studied by experiments and theory (Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations, free energy approaches, etc.). Such MNP systems have a large range of possible applications for example in medicine, data storage, sensors and catalysis. The Symposium focuses on the recent progress made in the simulation of MNP assemblies (massively parallel computation, new sampling methods), that will presumably lead to a much better understanding of these systems. We invited confirmed french experts of this field to promote knowledge exchange and stimulate the research. Also scientists from foreign countries will come. Experimentalist are invited as special guests.

The symposium is funded by the ANR MACALONS (lead: Isabelle Lisiecki) and the ANR DiSSCo-Hall (lead: Sawako Nakamae).

Attention les places sont limitées, formulaire d'inscription et flyer disponibles sur le site du MONARIS


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