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Institut des Matériaux de Paris Centre
IMPC - Fédération de Recherche 2482

The activity of the IMPC research units covers research on a wide range of materials: polymers, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, metals, oxides.

"A research federation is a laboratory without walls grouping several laboratories around a common project". The Institute of Materials Paris Center (FR2482) was created in 2002. It is attached to the Faculty of Chemistry

Many aspects of the chemistry and physico-chemistry of materials are discussed:  

  • Synthesis of materials by molecular and macromolecular approaches.     
  • Use of self-assembly techniques for the construction of controlled nanostructures with remarkable properties (optical, magnetic ...).
  • Characterization and study of the reactivity of surfaces and interfaces  
  • Study of aging and protection of materials for the environment, heritage ... 
  • Development of functional materials in the fields of photonics, environment, energy, sensors, biomedical ...

A strong axis, even if not exclusive of the activity of the IMPC, is centered on the nanomaterials, as evidenced by an active participation in the Nanochemistry axis of the Ile-de-France C'Nano network.


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